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Our HYIP monitor uses advanced HYIP monitoring system to make the HYIP Investment process easier for you. We also provide high yield investment strategies, lots of articles about investment programs in general and everything connected with HYIP Investment. Using our HYIP monitor you will be able to select the perfect online investment program for you. Our HYIP monitoring services allow to receive the most reliable and timely information about each high yield investment program listed in our HYIP monitor. Information contains the investment status, rating and much more related to Online Investment industry information about high yield investment program. These programs will most likely bring you a good profit, it is a great chance to make money on paying investment program! The list of top monitored HYIP shows what program have been paying for a greater period of time. The most reliable and worthy projects can be found in this list. Paying for a long time already, they have definitely brought a good profit to investor, and you have a chance to join them. The HYIP Investment process will be easy and convenient if you use our website for online HYIP monitoring service. Our HYIP monitor is the best HYIP monitor that works for the benefit of investor!
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High Yield Investment Program Monitoring
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HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program

New features
We are pleased to announce some new features on your program :

Firstly, we launch our Facebook page, some of you may already seen it before , or have already noticed the present link on our home page.
Feel free to visit, comment, ask questions, we will respond and participate on this page as much as we can.

In addition, we have included new deposit methods on the website:
The first is the bankwire, some for whom the addition of funds to an e-currency is complicated, do not hesitate to use this option wich is quite fast. After receiving the funds, we will add your deposit into your members area in a few hours later.
We also choose to use Western Union, which remains a very quick and easy option for people pressed. As well as bank transfer, we will add funds to your members areas in two or three hours after received your funds.

Thank you contact us directly to get the necessary informations when you will decide to invest, or add more money on your actual active deposit.

Thank you all for your support & trust,
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further informations,

We wish you a great success in our program!
Mar-22-2013 10:55:42 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
OilofAsia Ltd News
first of all thanks for being loyal during this not easy week. As I promised we will do everything to fix problem with SolidTrustPay and I am happy to say that problem is resolved now. Our SolidTrustPay account is active and all pending SolidTrustPay payments are processed. Those who didn't requested yet, feel free to do this now. Anyway I would like to say thanks to SolidTrustPay team for understanding our position, from now SolidTrustPay deposits are accepted again.

I also want to congratulate all, we successfully passed two months online mark. Thanks for being part of Oil of Asia Ltd, with your help we made this project the most popular online program in the industry with already thousands of active investors. Recently we filmed video report in our London office, feel free to check at our YouTube channel:

Please also note that we changed our UK phone support number, now you can reach us by calling +442838666026.
Mar-22-2013 10:54:35 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Switzerland Gold Company NEWS
After having too many request from our members to reduce the minimum amount to invest in 300% plan, after consultations we have decide to make the min $60 and max $5000 hope all our members get satisfied .

WARNING : This Plan can be used one time , any one try to make twice deposits in 300% Plan exposed his account to suspend .

Thank you for your understanding
Mar-20-2013 12:42:29 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Newsletter #2 Technical issues & MNO interview
As you can see today, the website was inaccessible for a short moment, because of a small problem on our server. No worries to have, our IT expert handle the problem , and everything is better now.

For news, some of you had seen, I had an interview with Paul, Admin of, you can quietly read it at the following link:

In addition, we have some new features will be added on the website during the following days, stay tuned!

We remain at your disposal for any further informations,
Mar-18-2013 01:09:44 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
OilofAsia Ltd News
please note that there will be delay with SolidTrustPay payments because they asked us to pass another verification and hopefully as soon as they approve our docs we will be able to process STP payments again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney payments will be processed as usual.
Mar-17-2013 10:36:50 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Newsletter #1 WGI
This is our first newsletter!

We would like, before all, to thanks all of our members for their support and their interest into our program!
In just two weeks, we have hundreds of active members, we receive hundreds of emails a day and our reputation is growning up day by day, and all that because all of you, so thanks.

Firstly, on March 2, ended the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, which is a meeting point of all gemstones specialist dealers or buyers .
It\'s a dynamic place to conduite good business and network with over 1.200 EXHIBITORS in 16 key product categories and Thousands of international jewelers and traders Pursuing supplies.
This is really the biggest gemstone shopping market, and it\'s happen in Bangkok.
It was very dynamic and enthusiastici and we got a command of more than 3700 articles (all categories combined, like loose stones, or crimped, ect ...

This is very good for you and us!
It is organized twice a year, in March and September, so we hope to see you there next time in September for a special meeting or we will arrange a buffet for team members and investors!
Do not hesitate to send us an email to reserve your place, it\'s completely free (except cost of flying ticket).

Also, about our program itself, everything is running well, we did not encounter any technical difficulty for now, everything is perfect.

Some news also, that you see maybe on your members accoun,t is the activation of compounding.
We lock this possibility before because we thought that members like to withdraw their profits everyday and make sure they are satisfy of that, but we got a huge demands of compounding activation, that we do it.
So now you can use compound on your active deposit, please use it conscientiously.

Also, Paul, the admin of had publish its review on World Gems invest on his website, so do not hesitate to go read it! It is very objective! Follow this link:

This will be all for today,
We remain at your disposal at any time by email or phone

Mar-8-2013 06:06:06 PM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
OilofAsia Ltd Newsletter
within just 20 days online Oil of Asia Ltd became the hottest program in the industry with already more than 15,000 members joined in such a short period of time. We are really happy with this amazing growth and I am sure thats just a start of something special. We are working hard day by day to improve Oil of Asia Ltd and I am happy to say that recently we made some improvements. Its important to communicate with members using their own language because not all people around know English so I am glad that we already added more than 30 regional representatives around the world and our team become bigger and bigger everyday. Hopefully by the end of this month we will be able to cover the most of countries with our regional representatives. Also video presentation has been added and you can find it at Get Started page at our website, feel free to check. Last but not least good news, another office has been opened, this time in Southeast Asia country - Vietnam. You can find us a
t the following address:

428 Dien Bien Phu Street Ward 11, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Phone number: +84903545381

Feel free to visit us, we would be happy to meet you. More offices will be opened soon, next ones probably in South America and Africa. Thats all for today, we wish you a great week.

Yours, Adam Dhaliwal

Oil of Asia Ltd
Feb-4-2013 09:25:36 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Latest News From Join Invest Ltd
I'm Kevin with news from Join-Invest .Today is 20th day since our website started operating from and now has changed to We have been working hard to satisfy your need and bring the profit for you all,

We will effort to create profit for not only investor but also you all. we has been make a change in 10 days with interest rate from 11%-12% to 22.2%-26.6%, only one click, the money will be withdrawals in your account. no limit withdrawd, Needless to say that Join-Invest has unlimited instant withdrawals, supported payment processors: Liberty Reserve. also, today is our 20th day operating,

We would like to send $1 to each member's account, and we want to thank all of you who support me, we will try our best to satisfy your need.

Best Regards!
Jan-29-2013 01:34:38 PM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
OilofAsia Ltd Newsletter
after receiving several notices from our members about recent blackmail by scam program called Goldenarium, I decided to make an announcement. We are not connected with this scam project and their claims that we said that we are related with them are totally false. We never did so and there is no point of doing this, since they just a cheap scam who are not even monitored by anyone. I think that they just trying to get some attention by blackmail one of the most popular project those days. Please be careful and stay away from such a cheap projects.

Yours, Adam

OilofAsia Ltd
Jan-23-2013 08:08:25 PM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Stravia update
A lot of our users have reported not being able to access the site within the last 24 hours. We wanted to let you know that our site has been under constant attack since last night. We were forced to take the site offline for several hours this morning, since our host had to null route the traffic.

Since then, we have upgraded Stravia's DDOS protection to the highest level available at Blacklotus to Mitigation Critical and our site has been online since then with a few minor hiccups. The attack is ranging between 12-28 gbps over different carriers as reported by our host. The DDOS attack has now shifted to our DNS as the attacker failed to take down our website.

What this means for you is that the site might load a bit slower than usual, and at times it might fail to load. If that happens just retry accessing the site several minutes later. Rest assured we and our host are doing everything possible to keep the site up and running.

Instant withdrawals are still available as usual, however at times if the server is too busy to handle the request, the withdrawal request will get queued and we will process them manually.

Stravia Support Team
Jan-23-2013 01:09:52 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
News for Join-Invest (Please Read it)
We were facing a big problem with the domain provider.
So, our site already cannot open as they suspended our official domain (
We are transferring our data to ( and it will be our official domain.
So please be patient with us, we were down for 1 days as we were couldn't get a new license from script for ( as they were under huge DDoS attack, And we were need to wait while they come back.

Now already back, and we are already installing our site on

Also, Please all our monitors change our link in your sites to instead of , and for monitors who already changed our account to "Problem" please change it back to waiting.

Thanks all for your patients and understanding,
Best Regards,
Join-Invest Ltd
Jan-18-2013 10:45:05 PM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Vertical profits - Latest News and Updates
Greetings from Vertical profits!
We congratulate all our 200+ clients, who showed faith in us by joining us.Inspite of a slow start,we are four days online now, but it has been a tough journey so far with huge DDOS attacks (more than 15GPS) welcoming us and several hacking attempts on our LR and PM accounts.It resulted in Downtime for more than 6-8 hrs and yes, Pending Withdrawls.All the pendings are cleared till now,some of which were processed manually without e-mail alert due to an error in the system.
We apologize to all, for the inconvenience caused and assure them best of our services in future.
Lastly, we pointed out that some of the clients are pretty worried about our instant withdrawls,let me clear out that our withdrawls are Instant and many are paid instant,but we do need to reload our e-currency accounts several times to prevent hacking so sometimes it may get saved.Please check withdrawl section note for that.We were also reviewed by our monitor partner MNO(money-news-online),you can read the review through the link

Thanks & Regards
Mar-31-2012 09:52:30 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Paymilo is too Strong Now! Great News
Hello Members, We are very Happy now and also Investors.

Paymilo is getting Stronger day by day. And now we are enough Strong as much there will be now down time for

We today also transfer website to Dedicated cloud servers which is very secure now, Just because we need our investors deposit secure.

Also Invest today from Solid Trust Pay greater than 500 USD and get 10% free in your account.

Today we just want to show you our Solid strength.

Last 24 Hours Stats:

Members Joined: 2300
Total Libery Reserve Invested: 19566$
Solid Trust Pay invested: 28000$

We are still Growing. And the road of success is still at distant!

Mar-31-2012 09:51:49 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Fx Moguls addition to last newsletter! AP is now instant!
Dear hyipoke ,

As an addition to my last email. Alertpay withdrawals are now instant and have been
tested by us to work. A few points I'd like to clarify.

Alertpay Withdrawals under $30 are instant while Alertpay over $30 will go to
pending and be paid within 24 hours. This is a security feature to make sure we are
protected. A user may however submit multiple withdrawal requests.

If by chance there is a server issue or an Alertpay API issue then the withdrawal
will go into pending status and will be paid within 24 hours as normal. This is
beyond our control and will not happen often but is a possibility so please do not
be alarmed by this.

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy this new feature.

FX Moguls LTD.
Feb-17-2012 07:16:16 PM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Fx Moguls - Instant Alertpay withdrawals coming soon!
Dear hyipoke ,

Over the last 12 hours we at FX Moguls have been working very hard to add instant
withdrawals to FX Moguls for the Alertpay payment processor. Unfortunately as we
were adding this feature it caused some members to have trouble submitting a
withdrawal in the regular fashion.

Allow me to apologize for this and we hope that this slight error didn’t cause too
much inconvenience for many people.

I am however very happy to report that this issue has been resolved and withdrawals
are recording properly now so please feel free to login and withdraw in the normal

On the withdrawal page you will see a new setting that says Alertpay Instant
Withdrawals =ON/OFF. This will be your indicator
once we have finished the Alertpay
withdrawals and made them instant for you. I anticipate that this feature will be
fully live within the next hour or two.

We are constantly striving to improve upon the foundation that we have built. We
sincerely hope that you enjoy this new feature once it is live and we greatly
appreciate your patience as we are working in the background to implement these new
items for our members.

After almost 80 days online FX Moguls has been through thick and thin and we remain
one of the clear industry leaders right now and with good reason. When problems
arise we handle them immediately and we continue to evolve as new ideas are
presented. I would like to once again encourage all members to submit your ideas to
us on how we can improve upon what we have built and we will surely take each and
every one into consideration.

Please also remember that there are only four days left to take advantage of our up
to 11% deposit bonus as this promotion will be ending on 2-20-12.

Grateful is not a strong enough word to tell how we feel for our members and we hope
in some small way we have enhanced your life as you have greatly enhanced ours.


FX Moguls LTD.
Feb-17-2012 07:14:24 PM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
[Felmina Alliance] Weekly Newsletter
Dear members,

This is the official weekly newsletter from Felmina Alliance.

We are happy to inform you that we have added the new option in the user account
area allowing our customers to make trans
fers between Felmina accounts. You can
transfer funds from the available balances in your account. This option has been
integrated into the 'Withdrawals' page of the user account.

To make an internal transfer, you need to:

- Log into your Felmina account,
- Go to 'Withdrawals' page,
- In 'Step 1' choose the type of the Available Balance you would like to use for the
transfer and enter the username of the recipient's account,
- Enter the amount you would like to transfer in 'Step 2',
- Click 'Proceed' in 'Step 3'.

We would also like to inform you that we are working on issuing debit cards for our
customers. We are not yet sure how long it will be till this option is finally
available, but we are doing our best to make it available to you as soon as

Please find a moment to visit our official Facebook page at This is the fastest way to read the latest news
and updates.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help
with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer
are more than welcome.

Best Regards,
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.

Phone: +1 646 918 5168 (8 AM to 8 PM EST)
Feb-16-2012 09:23:31 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program - Today we are celebrating our 20 days online!
Hello Members,

Today we are reaching and celebrating our 20 days online and we have 5700 members
which entrust their funds to be managed by TOP INV.
We will keep continue improving our work and funds management to make sure that the
our clients' returns of investments remain as stable as they always were.
We have also put a lot of effort and giving our best in improving all part of our
services. Regarding improving our services to TOP INV clients, we have provide
phone, and live chat support.
So all of our clients or visitor, can get in touch with us and help the clients with
the problem they may have.
Please do not hesitant to drop by or having contact with us, we will gladly assist
anyone of you further.
Would you read the FAQ before signing up . .
19. Can I open several accounts in your program?
No. If we find that one member has more that one account, the entire funds will be

Thank you
Feb-16-2012 05:07:02 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program - Investment Plans Promotion News
Dear Members,

We should mention our investment plans has been changed.
We offer a fixed int
erest rate of 3.2_6.2% Daily For 50 business Days!
Also our old plans working fine,So don't worry.Please our partners update plans for

If you have any further questions, please let us know!

Best Regards.

The Team
Feb-16-2012 05:02:22 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
Hello LA Investors,

It has been put to our notice that a site with the domain name is trying to fool and scam investors, using our
popularity, name and our monitor buttons.
Our actual domain name is
We have no connection with them and please properly check domain names, comodo seal
and other information carefully.

We highly recommend you to stay away from this fraudulent site which has no
connection with Luxor Alliance!

Luxor Alliance Team
Feb-15-2012 10:31:39 PM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
FX Moguls Updates for 2-14-2012
Dear member,

Let me start by wishing you all a very happy valentine’s day. We here at FX Moguls
hope that you have a glorious day and enjoy yourself.

You may recall that we asked members a few weeks back what they would like to see
added to FX Moguls to enhance our program. An overwhelming number of you had asked
for shorter term plans. At first were against this idea due to the fact that it
gives us less time to generate returns on the funds invested.

After some consideration we have found a way to offer you shorter term plans without
compromising the stability of our program. So it is my pleasure to introduce to you
the Investor, Tycoon and Mogul short term plans. They will be as follows.

***Please note that all of the below plans run for 60 business days. Principal will
be returned at the end of the term and compounding is NOT allowed for these plans
only (it is still allowed for the 150 business day plans).***

Investor Short term – 2.2% daily for 60 business days with principal returned upon

Tycoon Short Term – 2.8% daily for 60 business days with principal returned upon

Mogul Short Term – 3.5% daily for 60 business days with principal returned upon

The deposit thresholds for these plans are the same as for the other plans so there
is no change there.

As I’m sure the question will arise, we are unable to switch current active deposits
to these new plans and we apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

You will notice that the daily percentage amounts for the short term plans are
slightly lower than the longer term plans. This combined with not allowing
compounding is what allowed us to offer these plans to you. We understand that the
lower percentages will not be appealing to everyone but it should be enough to
satisfy those who prefer to receive their principal back quicker. For others the
longer term plans are still there for you as always.

I hope that you will enjoy this new addition to FX Moguls and we greatly look
forward to the future of our programs.


FX Moguls LTD Staff.
Feb-15-2012 09:21:14 AM
HYIP News - High Yield Investment Program
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